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For so many people, weight loss is a major concern affecting not only self esteem, but overall health, more importantly. We offer PrescriptFit(TM) Medical Nutrition Therapy for significant results.

The PrescriptFit Medical Nutrition Therapy Plan produces weight loss and measurable disease improvement via cytokine balance using branched-chain amino acids and strategic use of food groups.

The PrescriptFit MNT Plan is divided into 13 food phases. Each phase adds a food group to build on the previous phase, teaching the basics of healthy i- groups that will lead to the very best quality of life through nutrition.

The PrescriptFit MNT Plan allows for customized meal planning and teaches skills for lifestyle decision making. Because no food groups are excluded, the PrescriptFit MNT Plan prevents food deprivation. The PrescriptFit MNT Plan attempts to balance good health with an enjoyable lifestyle.

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