What Makes Prevelle Silk Different?

You'd like a way to smooth wrinkles, but you want a gentle, discreet way to do it. That's why there's PREVELLE Silk, a dermal filler that contains lidocaine, a common local anesthetic that can increase your comfort during treatment. And with PREVELLE Silk, you'll see visible results right away—with little or no downtime following the procedure.

  • Increased comfort with the addition of lidocaine
  • Effective treatment for lines and folds
  • Soft, natural results
  • Convenient, same-day procedure
  • Immediate results
  • Minimal irritation post-procedure
  • Little or no downtime
It takes only about 30 minutes, and most patients experience little or no downtime following
the procedure. Smoother skin with minimal disruption. Now that’s time management!


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